Home is where the Heart is

About Pratibha


Pratibha is a singer, songwriter and a gifted facilitator, born in Copenhagen.

Over the last twenty five years she has played in many different settings and countries around the world, for dancing and  meditations.

Pratibha has a talent for joining people together in a simple and uncomplicated way – in groups, workshops, concerts and Heart Dance events.

Her Heart Dances are unforgettable experiences of joy and silence and of meetings of the heart. Her own songs are unique and poetic - and available on Cd.

Her voice workshops/groups/retreats are in depth journeys exploring the voice, freeing creative expression as well as expanding the vehicle for introspection, peace and healing.

Her first Cd is called ’Heart Dance’, recorded in Stockholm with the musicians who played with her for Heart Dances in Sweden. It is a collection of songs to sing and dance with, or just for listening and enjoying the atmosphere it creates. She has also composed and produced the Cds ’Here with you’,’Echo of a star’ and 'Circle of Love'.

When the heart is open it starts to dance. This is often felt in her workshops.

In a gentle and easy way she creates a space where joy, love and friendliness comes by itself and a deep nourishing silence is felt.